1994 Saw a new producer, Steve Tarpey taking over from Vanessa. The show was staged at Bohunt.

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A warm welcome to you all from The MAD Company. We have now been in existence for three years and are based very firmly around the Methodist Church in Liphook. This is our third Pantomime - regulars will remember Cinderella in 1992, Aladdin in 1993 and this year is Dick Whittington, our biggest adventure to date. Previous MAD pantomimes have been written, produced and directed by Vanessa Breach but this year Steve Tarpey has taken over the production side.

Last year 'Aladdin' saw over a thousand people come through the doors, the majority from the village itself and has established us as a real community pantomime. Thank you for your support this evening, we hope that you will enjoy yourselves and leave with a smile on your face.

As a church community we are proud of what has been achieved, we hope you will see the Church in a new light. Christian faith is not just about Sunday but a community living, laughing and enjoying together - come and join us.

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Dick Whittington stems from a 14th Century legend and gives The MAD Company the chance to visit the East End of London where we find ourselves overrun by a plague of rats. What chance will a simple farmer's lad from Gloucestershire and his friendly cat have against the evil King and Queen Rat?
Join Dick on his quest to rid the world of this scourge and win the hand of the lovely Alice Fitzwarren.

Scene 1 A Street in Cheapside in the East End of London Scene 1 Highgate Hill
Scene 2 The Rats Lair Scene 2 The Deck of the Pickled Herring
Scene 3 The Interior of Alderman Fitzwarren's Store Scene 3 Under the Sea
Scene 4 The Shores of Morocco
Scene 5 The Rats Lair
Scene 6 The Harem in the Palace of the Sultan of Morocco
Scene 7 Big Ben
Scene 8 A Street in Cheapside in the East End of London

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Castlist Phil's
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Dick Whittington, a country lad Jan Treacher-Evans Alderman Fitzwarren, owner of the stores Glen Robertson
Alice, his daughter Jo Raggett Dame Sarah Suet, his English cook Derek Bruce
Dame Cherie Trifle, his French cook Phil Thomas Captain Salmon of the "Pickled Herring" David Jenner
First Mate Chips of the "Pickled Herring" Julie Jenner Sultan Pepper, the Sultan of Morocco Mandy Godridge
El Daberry, a Moroccan Guard Shelley Cozens El Dabrother, a Moroccan Guard Caroline Dove
Tom Cat, the magic cat Jo Evans King Rat Steve Tarpey
Queen Rat Jackie Bruce Bert, brother of Fairy of the Bells Vanessa Breach
Rat Pack Kathy Carrig, Linda Rose, Rebecca White, Tanya Woods
Chorus (Londoners, Sailors and
Harem women):
Sue Calvert, Shelley Cozens, Caroline Dove, Andrea Gibbs, Mandy Godridge, Lesley McCarthey, Sue Peddar, Lisa Ross, Ruth Savage, Carol Selley, Edward White
Cockney Sparrers Carron Campbell, Claire Carrig, Nia Clarke, Catherine Eyre, Callum Fowler, Emma Jones, Richard Jones, Katrina Rose, Andrew Savage, Emily Thomas, Deborah White, Joanna Wilson, Penny Wilson, Lydia Woods
Ratlings Bethany Breach, Catherine Bruce, Rachel Bruce, Ben Calvert, Jonathan Calvert, Alice Courtnage, Emily Courtnage, Megan Courtnage, Ben Ellis, Ian Rose, Becca Selley, Ben Thomas, Joseph Watts, Laura Watts
Fairies Rochelle Fowler, Roxanne Rose, Catherine Savage, Charlotte Selley, Hannah Tarpey
Piano Phil Richards
Guitars Graham Polley, Julian Horlock
Drums Ian Gowers
Stage Design & Construction Steve Tarpey, Brian Cozens, Matt Eagland
Scenery & Artwork Tracy Evans, John Courtnage
Lighting & Effects Kevin Carrig, Andy Woodage
Stage Manager Ray Breach
Wardrobe Maggie Tarpey & Monica Church, assisted by many friends and cast
Props Alison Ellis, Margaret Nichols
Chorus Mistress Shelley Cozens
Back Stage Tracy Evans, John Courtnage, Mick Selley, Brian Cozens, Tim Wilson, Carol Barratt, James McCarthey, Phil Evans
Dressing Rooms Jenny Courtnage, Mary Watts, Margaret Nichols, Maggie Tarpey, Norma White, Jeanette Finch
Front of House Wendy Woods, Dennis Drysdale, Gilbert Church
Publicity Julie Jenner
Poster Design "Mik" and Margaret Nicholls
Ticket Sales Phil Thomas
Refreshments Sue Knight and friends
Written by Vanessa K Breach
Produced by Steve Tarpey
Directed by Vanessa K Breach

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The Dick Whittington Story Phil's
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He was an English merchant and Lord Mayor of London three times before 1423. According to legend he was a poor boy who gave his cat to a merchant to offer for sale. Ultimately the cat was sold for a fortune to a Morrocan ruler plagued by rats.
I wonder if he'd take my two ?
More info at Famous Gloucester People or the Museum of London
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