Jack and the Beanstalk was staged at Bohunt from Thursday 25th to Saturday 26th January 1996 and was the first with a full photographic record. I turned up in October 1995 intending to photograph the principals and come back for the Dress Rehearsals in January, but I got hooked.
It's not that the rehearsals are funnier than the performance, although some rehearsals are a performance in their own right, but since early in the 1996-7 season I've had the 'coffee making at rehearsal' job so I have to be there!
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Dear Friends,
The MAD Pantomime has become something of a Liphook tradition This is now our fifth production and for the second year running we have had to put on a extra performance due to the demand for tickets.

I would like to thank you, the Audience, for your enthusiastic support of our efforts. There would be no pantomime without you. Those of you who have been here before will know that you are very much a part of the whole show.

Vanessa Breach has written and directed this Pantomime, indeed she has been a driving force of our Company for all of our five years. The cast as in previous years have enjoyed themselves rehearsing for this Pantomime.

We are almost all connected with the Methodist Church and this makes for a very special friendship between us and I hope that when you see it, this performance will show you a rather different side of th church and its people.

So sit back and be prepared for a few surprises, lots of laughs, and maybe a wet sloppy kiss if you are sitting in the wrong seat!

Yours MADly
Rev. Phil Thomas
Chairman of MAD

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Synopsis Phil's
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Everyone knows the story of Jack and the Beanstalk ..... or do they ?
Join Jack and his friends as they journey through the Wild West trying to make their fortune and outwit the evil Black Mac. As well as the traditional elements, there may be a few surprises so keep your eyes open.
And watch out for that GIANT. Rumour has it that he eats people, you know !

Scene 1 Widow Goldtop's Ranch Scene 1 Widow Goldtop's Ranch One month later
Scene 2 A pathway near Widow Goldtop's Ranch Scene 2 The Milking Shed in Widow Goldtop's Ranch
Scene 3 On The Prairie Scene 3 The Hall in Giant Gizzard Gobbler's Castle
Scene 4 A pathway near Widow Goldtop's Ranch Scene 4 A pathway near Widow Goldtop's Ranch
Scene 5 Widow Goldtop's Ranch Scene 5 Widow Goldtop's Ranch
Scene 6 A pathway near Widow Barleycorn's Ranch
Scene 7 The Hall in Giant Gizzard Gobbler's Castle
Scene 8 A pathway near Widow Goldtop's Ranch
Scene 9 Widow Goldtop's Ranch

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Castlist Phil's
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Jack Jackie Bruce Jill Jo Evans
Widow Goldtop Phil Thomas Widow Barleycorn Mick Selley
Black Mac Nigel Holmes Sheriff Maggie Tarpey
Billy the Kid David Jenner Giant Gizzard Gobbler Glen Robertson
Jemima, the Giants Wife Mary West Chief Sleeping Bear Alison Ellis
Daisy Shelley Cozens, Caroline Dove Magic Chicken Shelley Cozens
The Chickentails Vanessa Breach, Lesley McCarthy, Liza Ross, Tanya Woods
Batman Maggie Tarpey
Robin David Jenner
Cowfolk, Ghosts,
& Mummies
Sue Calvert, Kathy Carrig, Gillian Charles, Shelley Cozens, Caroline Dove, Jan Treacher-Evans, Jackie Fowler, Mandy Godridge, David Jenner, Emma Jones, Lesley McCarthy, Jo Raggett, Polly Rhodes, Alison Robertson, Liza Ross, Ruth Savage, Carol Selley, Tanya Woods.
Ranch Children,
and Gnomes
Bethany Breach, Rachel Bruce, Catherine Bruce, Claire Carrig, Adam Ellis, Roschelle Fowler, Gina Hughes, Hayley Hughes, Clare McCarthy, Edward Rhodes, Katherine Savage, Charlotte Selley, Becka Selley, Hannah Tarpey, Emily Thomas, Deborah White, Sally Wilson, Penny Wilson, Joanna Wilson, Kate Williams, Lydia Woods
Piano Phil Richards
Guitars Grahame Polley, Julian Horlock
Drums Ian Gowers
Production Assistant Jackie Bruce Choreography Vanessa Breach
Stage Manager Ray Breach Backstage Crew Tracy Evans, Phil Evans, Martin Petersen, Steve Tarpey, Carol Barratt, James McCarthy
Chief Technician (Light/Sound) Kevin (Sparks) Carrig Lighting Crew Andy Woodage, Oliver Woodage, Nathan Woods
Scenery & Props Tracy Evans
Junior & Adult Chorus Wardrobe Ruth Savage, Nan Selley & Friends Principals Wardrobe Alison Ellis, Monica Church, Wendy Evans, Jane Gray, Cast & Friends
Chorus Mistress Carol Selley Continuity Lady Linda Gibbs
Refreshments Sue Knight & Friends Dressing Rooms/Makeup Christine Williams, Julie Wilson, Julie Jenner, Monica Church
Front of House Denis Drysdale & Friends Treasurer Mary Watts
Publicity Officer Carol Selley Secretary Alison Ellis
Poster Design Margaret Nicolls Photographer Brian Simmons
Programme Design Lesley McCarthy
Post Production Facilities Mick and Carol Selley

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Synopsis Castlist Photos Pagetop Home
Click on the little pic to get a bigger pic.
All the pictures have a way back.
Horrible ! The Widows
Black Mac's Arrest We're Rich !
You lily livered son of a snake Black Mac calculates the rent
Widow Goldtop
Chief Sleeping Bear & Widow Barleycorn The Chickentails
Widow Barleycorn has one of her turns. She's not a well woman, you know Spare Us !
What a sight At the barbeque
A Farmhand The Widows at the barbeque (Act 2), - when they've got the money .... or not
Black Mac making up
The Widows at the barbeque (Act 2), - when they've got the money .... or not Batman & Robin
Jemima Jack Goldtop
The Adult Cast The Teamaker

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