Robinson Crusoe was performed at Bohunt on Friday 17th and Saturday 18th January 1997 with a invitation preview on the 16th and was Phil Thomas's farewell performance.
After the last performance, a special 'oscar' was presented to Phil by Vanessa in recognition of all his work over the previous six years.
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Phil's Message Phil's
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Welcome one and all to the M.A.D. production of Robinson Crusoe. I hope you have brought your sea legs with you, as much of the action takes place on board ship, and watch out for evil pirates, not to mention man eating cannibals. It promises to be an action packed evening, and you will have to play your part in helping Robinson and his friends find the treasure.
This is now M.A.D's sixth production. The major performances continue to be a sell out and the company seems to go from strength to strength.

Success does not come without a good deal of hard work, and I wish to pay tribute to our director Vanessa Breach. She has written all of our pantomimes, and it is her talent, enthusiasm and leadership that ensure success.
As most people know, I will be leaving Liphook in August 1997, this will therefore be my last pantomime. It will break my heart not being able to be involved next year, we are a close knit group, many of us sharing in church life as well, I want to thank them all for the fellowship and fun over the years, and this year especially for putting up with my less than wholehearted commitment to rehearsals. As a Minister I have tended to have a high profile in pantomime publicity and praise, this hides the truth, the real work is done by others, their names appear in this programme. They are an immensely talented group of really nice people, and knowing this means that the future of the company is guaranteed for many years to come.

Anyway, enough emotional heavy stuff Let us concentrate on the magic of pantomime and the age old theme of good conquering evil, Robinson Crusoe v Captain Blackheart. And don't forget the only hope Robinson has is if you help him, he wants to hear plenty of noise from you, because he is up against the most dashing, intelligent, sophisticated and evil character I have had the misfortune of knowing!

Philip Thomas

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Synopsis Phil's
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This year we travel across the oceans and visit distant shores to bring you the story of Robinson Crusoe - well - our story of Robinson Crusoe There are many versions of this famous tale and this is a combination of all of them. with a large slice of our own imagination thrown in for good measure. You may recognize some of the routines in this year's production, some of them go back to music hall days. I make no apology for using them and hope you find them as funny today as many others have over the years.

Act I Act II
Scene 1 The London Docks Scene 1 A Desert Island
Scene 2 The Poop Deck Scene 2 A pathway in the Jungle
Scene 3 The Deck of the Ship Scene 3 The Temple of the Sacred Snake
Scene 4 Glitter Land Scene 4 Finale
Scene 5 Under the Sea

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The Cast & Crew Phil's
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Robinson Crusoe Jo Raggett Lucy Jo West
Mrs. Crusoe Mick Selley Chrissie Crusoe Vanessa Breach
Captain Perkins David Jenner
Blackheart Rev. Phillip Thomas Deadeye Nigel Holmes
Wotta Woppa Alison Ellis Bill Jackie Bruce
Ben Glen Robertson Man Friday Ian Darnbrook
Fairy Becky Selley Gorilla Phil Evans
The Snake Dancer Rebekah White
Ladies Sue Calvert, Kathy Carrig, Mandy Godridge, Angie Pawlyszyn, Carol Selley, Mary West, Rebekah White.
Sailors/Pirates Tony Bowers, Kathy Carrig, Ian Darnbrook, Nigel Holmes, Lesley Mccarthy, Maggie Tarpey
Children Catherine Bruce, Rachel Bruce, Claire Carrig, Ben Ellis, Roschelle Fowler, Judith Holmes, Clare Mccarthy, Emma Michaelson, Katherine Savage, Rebecca Savage, Charlotte Selley, Becky Selley, Hannah Tarpey, Emily Thomas, Deborah White, Kate Williams, Joanna Wilson, Sally Wilson, Lydia Woods.
Piano Phil Richards
Guitars Grahame Polley, Julian Horlock
Drums Ian Gowers
Director Vanessa Breach Production Assistant Jackie Bruce
Choreography Vanessa Breach, Jo West and Sue Morgan
Stage Manager Ray Breach
Backstage Crew Tracy Evans, Phil Evans, Martin Petersen, Dave Evans, Carol Barratt, James McCarthy, Oliver Woodage.
Chief Technician Light/Sound Kevin (Sparks)Carrig, Matthew Carrig Lighting Crew Andy Woodage, Nathan Woods
Scenery & Props Mick Selley, assisted by Phil Evans, Tracy Evans, Jo West, Brian Simmons, Cast and Families.
Wardrobe Vanessa Breach and Nan Selley assisted by Mary West, Wendy Evans, Alison Ellis, Carol Selley, Ruth Savage, Monica Church, Jenny Adams & Cast.
Chorus Mistress Carol Selley Continuity Lady Linda Gibbs
Refreshments Sue Knight & Friends Dressing Rooms Ruth Savage, Amanda Gowers,
Children's Dresing Rooms Christine Williams, Suzanne Battensby, Sharon Anderson, Julie Wilson. Adult's Dressing Rooms Norma White, Julie Jenner
Front Of House Denis Drysdale, Mary Watts & Friends Treasurer Mary Watts
Publicity Officer Carol Selley Secretary Polly Rhodes
Photographer Brian Simmons Poster/Programme Design Lesley McCarthy
Producer Vanessa Breach
Post Production Facilities Mick and Carol Selley
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Photos of the Performance Phil's
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Click on the little pic to get a bigger pic.
All pictures have a way back.
Cassandra Crusoe The Doll
Blackheart & Chrissie Cassandra Crusoe - on board ship
Cassandra and the Captain It do be ... Mop Drill
Dreaming Busy Bee The Attack
Untie Me ! Spirits of Evil ... Chief Wottawoppa
Safety Pin
Cassandra Crusoe and the Gorilla Robinson & Lucy
The Wedding The Other Wedding
The Adult Cast
A rest Wig rehearsal

The Robinson Crusoe Story Phil's
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The original Robinson Crusoe, and the inspiration for Daniel Defoe's 1719 book was Alexander Selkirk born in 1676 in Largo, Scotland to a shoemaker. He ran away to sea in 1695 joining a band of buccaneers. While working as a sailing master in 1704 he rowed with the ship's captain and asked to be put ashore.
He was left on the uninhabited island of Mas a Terra (also known now as Robinson Crusoe Island). This is in the Juan Fernandes island group 400 miles west of Valparaiso in Chile.
He was picked up again in February 1709 by a British ship under the command of Woodes Rogers and arrived back in England more than two years later in October 1711.
The description of Selkirk's life on the island was included by Rogers in his book Cruising Voyage Round the World and this and similar publications were used by Defoe.
Selkirk went back to sea where he died on 12 December 1721.

For more information, visit a Juan Fernandez Islands site with lots of links or Vision Chile - lots of pictures

Or read the excellent account of Selkirk's life in Selkirk's Island by Diana Souhami (published in paperback in 2001 by Phoenix, ISBN 0-75381-334-3, winner of the 2001 Whitbread Biography award).

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