Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood was staged at Bohunt on Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd February 2008 with the preview for local groups on Thursday.
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Dear Friends

Welcome to the MAD Company’s 2008 production: ‘Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood.” As usual we have been rehearsing on Monday evenings, since September, for this year’s Panto
Two people should receive a special mention at the outset of the Programme - Vanessa and Ray Breach. Their courage, fortitude and cheerfulness in going ahead with this year’s production following the death of their son Tim has been an inspiration to many. To be part of the MAD Company is often a journey through the laughter and the tears, both on the stage, behind the scenes, and also in life.
I must also thank Chris Booth for coming out of ‘retirement’, at very short notice, in September to once more act as our Musical Director - we are eternally grateful. Though I am not sure how much persuasion she really needed!
So, as you prepare yourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually for the start of The Show 2008 let me share with you one piece of advice from an ancient ‘book of proverbs’ (a.k.a. script):
“Never go anywhere without a spare pair of tights!”

God Bless you all!

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Synopsis Simon's
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Act I Act II
Scene 1 A sunny day in Old Nottingham Scene 1 On the Moon
Scene 2 A pathway to the Forest (Sheriff, Del & Rodney) Scene 2 A pathway in Nottingham
Scene 3 A Clearing in Sherwood Forest Scene 3 A Clearing in Sherwood Forest
Scene 4 A pathway to Nottingham  Scene 4 A pathway in Nottingham
Scene 5 Old Nottingham  Scene 5 The Big Top - the Archery Tournament
Scene 6 Finale

Plot Summary


The townsfolk are gathered in the square and as the circus has just arrived, performers are showing their skills and trying to sell tickets - to no avail as no-one has any money. They explain the King Richard has gone off to fight in the Crusades, Prince John has taken over the throne and the evil Cyril Sureshott has been made Sheriff of Nottingham. The sheriff punishes the townspeople with taxes and rents and hates children. Mystic Megs holds out hope for a brighter future but then the sheriff appears with a proclamation - anyone offering information leading to the arrest of Robin Hood will receive a reward of 500 gold pieces. No one is tempted and they all leave.

Nurse Quiver enters with Jamie & Jemima who are the niece and nephew of the Sheriff and have come to live with him following the death of their father. They meet Maid Marion who explains about the sheriff but isn't believed. She is the daughter of King Richard and lives at the castle. Robin Hood introduces himself. The nurse and the children leave to find the castle.

Enter the sheriff - he wants to marry Maid Marion but she of course refuses. She gives him a letter from his brother explaining about the children and the sheriff is aghast at the thought of children in the castle. He thinks about how to dispose of them.

Having got lost again, Nurse Quiver and the children arrive back in the square where they meet the sheriff and he finds that they have his late brother's fortune of 50,000 gold pieces - this changes everything!

Del Boy & Rodney turn up but can't sell anything - so Robin Hood offers them a job with his Merry Men. The sheriff overhears Del & Rodney mentioning Robin Hood and gives them the task of finding the outlaws hideout.

Later on, he gives them the job of kidnapping the children and leaving them in the middle of Sherwood Forest!

In the forest the villagers and the merry men are ready for the feast - but first Del and Rodney have to be initiated, they return wearing green tights, much to their embarrassment!

Del & Rodney stand watch while everyone else goes off to eat. Jamie & Jemima start exploring and get found by them, they sit the children down and go off for the net - but Marion and Nurse Quiver find the children and Marion takes them back to the feast while Nurse Quiver waits for Del and Rodney. Del & Rodney catch the Nurse in the net but luckily she escapes.  

The sheriff is annoyed at the failure of his plot and lets slip that he wants to kill Jamie & Jemima. Suddenly, the children run up to him and want to show him the circus cannon - it can fire someone right up into space! In go the children and the Sheriff fires the cannon!!


The children have landed on the moon and wish upon a star - this works and the Wishing Star calls upon the Time Traveller to take them home.

Nurse Quiver is upset at the loss of the children - the sheriff consoles her and promises to look after the money but it transpires that the money would come to Nurse Quiver. He resolves to marry her - he can get rid of her later.

Robin and the Merry Men and the villagers all start to search for the children, meanwhile Del & Rodney have second thoughts about the Sheriff and decide to tell Robin what he made them do.

The children have returned to earth and decide to sleep in the clearing in the woods. Here they are found by the villagers etc.

With the children found, the Sheriff refuses to marry Nurse Quiver and, as Maid Marion's hand in marriage is the prize at the great archery competition, expects to marry her instead.

 The Sheriff shoots and of course hits the centre. But before he can claim his prize, another competitor arrives. Bent and covered in a cloak the newcomer borrows the Sheriff's bow and spare arrow and shoots. He appears to miss but moments later we see he has split the Sheriff's arrow and is the winner - he is of course Robin Hood!

Before the guards can catch him, Postman Pat turns up with a letter from King Richard. He is returning from the crusades and orders that all lands and titles taken away by Prince John be restored  - so Robin Hood is once again the earl of Huntingdon, and he orders the arrest of all wrongdoers. Del & Rodney stop the Sheriff's escape and he is sent to the dungeons. Robin asks Maid Marion to marry him, Marion consents and they will live in the castle with the children. 

Nurse Quiver decides to spend her time looking after the 'delicious Merry Men'! 


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Castlist Simon's
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Robin Hood Jackie Bruce Maid Marion Jo Evans
Sheriff Will Rawlings Nurse Quiver Derek Leybourne
Jamie & Jemima Robyn Coleman Amy Bowers (Sat eve)
Grace Jenner Christine Frank-Schultz (Fri,Sat PM)
Del Boy Mick Selley Rodney Arran Treacher-Evans
Friar Tuck Alison Ellis Will Scarlett Simon Coleman
Alan A'dale Dave Bradley Little John Helen Coleman
Much, the Miller's son Jan Treacher-Evans Mystic Megs Pauline Ure
Postman Pat Daniel Robertson Much, the Miller's son Jan Treacher-Evans
Wishing Star Jo Banbury Mystic Megs Pauline Ure
Time Traveller Holly Coleman Postman Pat Daniel Robertson
Villagers and Circus Acts Jo Banbury, Dave Bradley, Sue Bradley, Sue Calvert, Helen Coleman, Simon Coleman, Alison Ellis, Mandy Godridge, Lesley McCarthy, Glenys Muscato, Mandy Bedford (debut), Alison Robertson, Jan Treacher-Evans, Pauline Ure
Junior Chorus Amy Bowers, Robyn Coleman, Lucy Coluccia, Laura Evans, Luje Evans, Grace Jenner, Christine Frank-Schultz, Markus Frank-Schultz, Bethany Leybourne, Connor Ure, Alexandra McGregor, James McGregor, Rebecca McGregor, Jennifer Newman, Daniel Robertson, Steven Robertson, Joseph Tikaram


Piano Chris Booth Drums John Courtnage


Director Vanessa K Breach Director for Jamie & Jemima Derek Leybourne
Production Manager Derek Leybourne Director's Assistant Therese Jordan
Musical Director Chris Booth Choreography Vanessa K Breach, Jo Evans
Stage Manager Ray Breach
Backstage Crew Dave Evans, Bryan Jackson, Alan Jordan, Therese Jordan, Caroline Stephenson, Kevin Stephenson, Phill Evans Light & Sound Crew Kevin Carig, Ben Lawrence, Matt Carrig
Scenery Design Dave Bradley, Sue Bradley, Dave Evans, Phill Evans, cast, crew & friends Scenery Painters Mandy Godridge, Jan Treacher-Evans, Tony Robinson, Fraser Goodall, Alan Jordan
Wardrobe Mistresses Maggie Tarpey, Wendy Evans Wardrobe Assistants Mary West, Jennie Adams, Lorna Robertson, & friends
Make-up Mandy Godridge, Julie Jenner, Kathleen Adams, Clair Waterman Continuity Linda Gibbs
Children's Dressing Rooms Jennie Adams & friends Front of House Mary Braitch & friends
Refreshments Sue Knight & friends

Pictures of the Performance Simon's
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To be added Monday 25th Feb

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