Snow White

Our eighteenth pantomime and our first telling of the story of Snow White, was staged at Bohunt from Thursday 19th to Saturday 21st February 2009 and was a great success with full and enthusiastic audiences for all performances.

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Dear Friends

Welcome everyone, to The MAD Company’s very first rendition of ‘Snow White’. We hope you enjoy our production like your favourite jar of sweets - whatever takes your fancy! And as our Director said at the first rehearsal back in September, “Mama Mia, Here We Go Again!” (I think she was trying to be sarcastic.)

Many hours of hard work go into our productions, and this year I would like to pay tribute to some of our unsung heroes: the army of gentle little folk who toil away behind the scenes - some all year round - and others who seem to appear like apparitions out of the Bohunt Woodwork at the first Dress Rehearsal. Those of us who prance around onstage are much indebted to you.

In particular I want to thank Mandy Bedford who has done a fantastic job taking over responsibility for Wardrobe and Costumes. Mandy, you have done a stunning job in difficult circumstances and you probably have the best pair of heels the Company has ever seen. However, you do have competition for best ‘Queen’ from Mr Rawlings.

I also want to pay tribute to Mr Dave Evans who has served the Company for many years in ‘Scenery, Props and Contraption’ production. If the Director would name it Dave could build it. Dave died peacefully at home on Saturday 24th January. His boundless generosity, talents, humour, and endless stories will be greatly missed by us all! We wish his dear wife Wendy (who has continued making costumes during Dave’s recent illness) every blessing. Dave knew that when his Final Curtain was drawn there was some One waiting in the Wings.

May you all know peace and laughter in 2009!

God bless you all,

Rev. Simon Coleman

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Synopsis David's
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PrologueThe Antechamber (Fairy Starburst and the Queen)
Scene 1 The Ballroom of the Palace of Candyland Scene 1 The Antechamber (Fairy Starburst)
Scene 2 The Antechamber (Maid Marzipan and Viscount Biscuit) Scene 2 The Interior of the Cottage of the Little Men
Scene 3 Sorcerer Sherbert's Laboratory Scene 3 A Corridor in the Palace (Dame Dolly Mixture and Gumdrop)
Scene 4 The Antechamber (Fairy Starburst) Scene 4 Sorcerer Sherbert's Laboratory
Scene 5 The Ballroom of the Palace of Candyland Scene 5 A Pathway in the Forest of Darkness
Scene 6 The Antechamber (The Palace Fitness Club) Scene 6 The Interior of the Cottage of the Little Men
Scene 7 The Forest of Darkness Scene 7 The Antechamber (It's Later Than You Think - House Song)
Scene 8 The Ballroom of the Palace of Candyland
Scene 9 The Finale

Act I

In the country of Candyland lived a king and queen who had a beautiful daughter, Princess Snow White. The queen died and the king married Queen Saccharine from a neighbouring kingdom. Queen Saccharine was not a nice person at all - she thought she was the most beautiful person in the land and had a magic mirror who told her so. The king died and left Queen Saccharine on the throne. She hated Snow White and left Dame Dolly Mixture, the palace cook, to bring her up. 

As our story begins, Princess Snow White is about to become 21 and a party is planned. The Queen asks her mirror who is the fairest in the land and the mirror tells her that she is ..... but that tomorrow Snow White will become 21 and will then be the fairest in the land (there seems to be some sort of qualifying age system here). The Queen is furious - as far as she's concerned the party is to show off her beauty and to get Prince Polo of Pontefract as her next husband. The Prince is attending the party to find the most beautiful lady and make her his wife. 

At the party we meet the Chamberlain and the Chancellor - he's worried about how much money the party is costing. Dame Dolly Mixture arrives with Gumdrop - her prospective new husband! Snow White enters and the cake is brought on - again the Chancellor worries about the cost, after all Sainsbury's cakes are quite good and after 7 o'clock they are sometimes reduced!

Prince Polo arrives with his valet Viscount Biscuit. The Prince is surprised by Queen Saccharines's expectation that they will wed but before a diplomatic incident arises, they start the dancing.

The Prince is obviously taken with Snow White, and Viscount Biscuit is obviously infatuated with the Princess's maid, Maid Marzipan. The Queen decides she needs a helping hand so she visits Sorcerer Sherbert in his laboratory. Sherbert creates a love potion from swan's down, mistletoe essence, spring water and seahorse heart. The Queen is unimpressed until he explains it can be flavoured to any taste you wish and that after you drink it you will fall in love with the next person you see.

Back at the party the Queen asks Prince Polo to play a party game - blindfolded he must guess the flavour of the party punch. But first ... a test on the miserable miserly Chancellor, after all, if it works on him it'll work on anyone! The Chancellor drinks and falls madly in love with the Chamberlain so the charm is proved. The Queen blindfolds Prince Polo (did I mention he was very rich and can bail the Kingdom of Candyland out of all its troubles? Well he is and he can) gives him a drink and asks him to guess the flavour. "Strawberry" he replies, "Quite right and you've won a prize - it's me" says the Queen but as she goes to remove the blindfold Dolly barges into them spinning the prince into the arms of Snow White who removes his blindfold - Prince falls even more in love with Snow White, Queen glares at Dolly who has ruined her plan.

The Chamberlain is overwhelmed by the attentions of the Chancellor. She never knew he felt like this, he didn't know he felt like this, she didn't know he didn't know he felt like this, he didn't ... yeah ok you get the idea.

Dolly swallows one of the left over potions and falls for the Sorcerer! The next day she has a terrible hangover and joins the palace fitness club.

The Queen realises more drastic action is needed. She bewitches Gumdrop and tells him to take Snow White into the Forest of Darkness and kill her!

Gumdrop leads Snow White into the forest but as he is about to hit her with a branch he comes to. He tells Snow White that she cannot return to the palace, she must run, run for her life! Trying to escape the forest Snow White is confronted by the witches but they are driven off by the arrival of the Little Men.

Act II

The Queen thinks she is now the most beautiful in the land but the mirror speaks of Snow White - she is not dead but lives in the cottage of the Little Men. The Queen vows to finish Snow White herself.

Snow White sends the Little Men off to work with the promise of a big apple pie with lots of cream for supper.

Prince Polo and Dolly are discussing where Snow White has gone when Gumdrop remembers! They decide they need to find the Queen, last seen heading to the Sorcerer's lair. The Queen gets there first and asks the sorcerer for a spell to kill a wicked mortal enemy, the sorcerer gives her the apple - the green side is fine but the red side is definitely dodgy. She asks for his last speed spell to get to the cottage of the little men. The Prince and everyone else arrive too late to stop the Queen. They try to find the cottage of the Little Men but .....

The Queen dressed as an old crone feeds Snow White the apple, Snow White collapses on the floor. Prince Polo gets there just too late and takes the body back to the place where all the doctors attempt a cure to no avail.

After cheering everyone up with a song, Prince Polo has a last moment and a goodbye kiss for Snow White ... who wakes up!

The Queen is transformed by the sorcerer into a loving person (on pain of living in a palace with no men), Prince Polo and Snow White are wed and all live happily ever after.

OK That's it in a nutshell. There's lots left out

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The Cast and Crew David's
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Fairy Starburst Will Rawlings Queen Saccharine of Candyland Mandy Bedford
Spirit of the Magic Mirror Holly Coleman The Chamberlain of Candyland Jan Treacher-Evans
The Chancellor of Candyland Mick Selley Dame Dolly Mixture, the Palace Cook Derek Leybourne
Gumdrop the Footman Arran Treacher-Evans Princess Snow White Jo Evans
Maid Marzipan, Lady in Waiting to Princess Snow White Sue Calvert Prince Polo of Pontefract  Helen Coleman
Viscount Biscuit, Valet to Prince Polo Simon Coleman  Sorcerer Sherbert Tony Robinson
Chorus Marie Atwood, Sue Bradley, Jackie Courtnage, Alison Ellis, Mandy Godridge, Lesley McCarthy, Glenys Muscato, Sarah Newman, Pauline Ure, Dan Suttler *, Debbie Lucas *
Junior Chorus Amy Bowers, Holly Coleman, Robyn Coleman, Lucy Coluccia, Laura Evans, Luke Evans,  Christine Frank-Schultz, Marcus Frank-Schultz, Grace Jenner, Mikala Leybourne, Alexander McGregor, James McGregor, Rebecca McGregor, Ottilie Peterson, Daniel Robertson, Steven Robertson, Jessica Stanley

* indicates debut (Simon Coleman appeared in the previous two Summer Shows, this is his Panto debut)
Piano Chris Booth
Drums John Courtnage
Director Vanessa Breach Production  Manager Derek Leybourne
Production Assistant Therese Jordan Musical Director Chris Booth
Choreography Vanessa K Breach, Jo Evans Stage Manager Ray Breach
Chorus MistressSue Calvert
Backstage Crew Alan Jordan, Kevin Stephenson, Bryan Jackson, Caroline Stephenson, Therese Jordan, Chris Stephen Light and Sound Kevin Carrig, Matt Carrig, Ben Lawrence
Scenery Design Dave Bradley, Sue Bradley, Dave Evans, Phill Evans, cast, crew and friends Wardrobe Assistants Mandy Bedford, Wendy Evans
Wardrobe Assistants Linda Gibbs and friends Make Up Mandy Godridge, Julie Jenner, Clair Waterman
Continuity Linda Gibbs Children's Dressing Rooms Jennie and Katie Adams and friends
Front of House Mary Braich & Friends Refreshments Sue Knight & Friends

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