Our Millennium Show, The Good, Mad Old Days was staged at Bohunt on Friday 28th and Saturday 29th July 2000.

It was a trip through the last 100 years with songs and sketches - some funny, some sad, with a bit of something from every decade.


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As our story begins Queen Victoria is still on the throne ...

The 1900's
A Medley of Music Hall Songs for the early 1900's.
A comic Double Talk sketch with Mick and Carol Selley
More songs featuring David Jenner and Jo Banbury followed by a good old sing-along featuring chiefly YOURSELVES!!

The 1910's
The Titanic sketch featuring David and Jo as a loving couple sailing off to an idyllic future together .....
The First World War, the Locket Sketch with Mick (Joe) and Jenny Courtnage (Betsie) as an officer and a servant girl in love as he is about to return to the trenches .... First World War songs featuring Norma White.
With the war almost over Betsie's sister (Sharon Anderson) visit's Joe's mother (Mary West) with the hope that they'll get married - a hope that Joe's mother doesn't share but a hope that is dashed as a telegram arrives announcing Joe's death ....

The 1920's to the 1930's
Slappers !
The Mother Sketch with Mick and Ruth Savage
The Careful Wife Sketch
The Prize Sketch with Will Rawlings and Alison
The Query Sketch
The Second World War
A medley of Second World War songs
The Fanny and Biddy Crossword Sketch featuring Mandy Godridge and Ruth 'Bung it in Biddy' Savage

The 1940's The American Influence - featuring Jackie, Mandy and Vanessa and the hitherto unknown talents of Mary and a dance routine by Norma and Deborah White

The 1950's and 1960's
Rock & Roll with a dance routine
The Football Pools - Beginners Luck Sketch with Will, Norma, and Emily Courtnage
A sixties medley and a link into the Space Age and Jo's Girls and their dance routine from Robin Hood
Ordinary Life .... the Village Fete Sketch with Sue Calvert, and the Neighbours sketch with Mick, David, and Will.

The 1970's and 1980's
These were the years of the big musicals so we present a medley of hits from the shows...
including the (again) unknown talents of Will and Emily in her first solo piece, followed by Bethany Breach in her first non dancing role.
The 1990's
The Technical Age ! The Watch Sketch (Suitcases ? Oh no, those are the batteries), with Mick and Maggie Tarpey.
The Pantomime Age and an extract from an alternative Cinderella, Emily as Cinders and Jackie as the Fairy Godmother

Finally after two World Wars and six monarchs - a medley of all the songs from the show.

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Sharon Anderson Betsie's sister - 1st World War sketch
Jo Banbury Song, Titanic sketch
Sue Bradley
Vanessa Breach Song
Jackie Bruce Song
Sue Calvert The Village Fete sketch
Kathy Carrig
Emily Courtnage Football Pools sketch, Song
Jenny Courtnage Betsie - 1st World War sketch
Mandy Godridge Fanny, Crossword sketch. Song
David Jenner Song, Titanic sketch, The Neighbour sketch
Lesley McCarthy
Will Rawlings Football Pools sketch, the Neighbour sketch, Song
Ruth Savage The Crossword sketch, the Careful Wife sketch
Carol Selley Double Talk, Song
Mick Selley Double Talk, Joe - 1st World War sketch, the Mother sketch, the Neighbour sketch, the Watch sketch
Maggie Tarpey TheWatch sketch
Jan Treacher-Evans
Mary West Song
Norma White Dance, Football Pools sketch
Steve Tarpey Compere (holding all together!)
Young Adults
Blair Anderson Bethany Breach Catherine Bruce
Rachel Bruce Claire Carrig Alice Courtnage
Megan Courtnage Clare McCarthy Katherine Savage
Rebecca Savage Charlotte Selley Megan Treacher-Evans
Deborah White
Piano Derek Bruce
Guitar Grahame Polley
Drums John Courtnage
Choreography Vanessa Breach, Jo Evans, Deborah White
Continuity Denise Bookham
Backstage Ray Breach, Timothy Brech, Matthew Carrig, Phill Evans, James McCarthy
Lighting and Sound Kevin Carrig, Ben Lawrence, Rebecca Poley, Andy Woodage
Costumes Jennie Adams, Monica Church, Jeanette Finch, Mandy Godridge, Ruth Savage, Mary West, Hazel Williams
Written, Produced and Directed by Vanessa Breach
Front of House Mary Braitch, Carol Barrett, Ian Darnbrook, Peter Elliot, Amanda Gowers, Michelle Manford, Mark Stanley, Christopher Turner

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